What Smart Glass Privacy Glass is Made of

What Smart Glass Privacy Glass is Made of

What Smart Glass Privacy Glass is Made of

By Peter Lin

Many glass factories are interested in making smart glass, but they don’t know the basic question: what composition of smart glass? What smart glass is made of? The following is the answer to the basic questions: the things you need to make smart glass.

Smart film have two kinds: Non-adhesive smart film and self adhesive smart film.
Non-adhesive smart film is often laminated inside the two glasses by hot melt-adhesive EVA.
And self-adhesive smart film is able to be putted on the installed window surface.

The bus bar and wire to connect the smart film to the power device.
For this part, you can do it your self, or you can ask us to install it for you. Please make clear when you making order of smart glass film.

The power device system is able to adjust the Voltage and controlling the switch.
The parameter of power device is depending on the type and the square meters of the smart glass film you need.

Smart film is easy to understand. Simply, you need 3 things: smart film, busbar, and power device.
For more detail information please contact us.

+The Implication of Smart Glass (SMART GLASS (Privacy Glass), Privacy Glass, Magic Glass )
-Imply SMART GLASS (Privacy Glass) in door, windows or the glass insulation. For example, in the windows of the business office, when the SMART GLASS (Privacy Glass) is on, the state of the SMART GLASS (Privacy Glass) is transparent, you will feel the room space is big, and feel comfortable. When you are in the business meeting, you need some privacy, you can just turn off the SMART GLASS (Privacy Glass), the SMART GLASS (Privacy Glass) turns to be translucent, you have the privacy.

-Using the SMART GLASS (Privacy Glass) for projecting screen. In the state of translucent, the SMART GLASS (Privacy Glass) can strengthen the view effect of the projection. The viewable range can be more than 140 degrees.

-Imply the SMART GLASS (Privacy Glass) in bank industry, jewelry industry and showcase. When it’s off work, you can turn off the SMART GLASS (Privacy Glass), the sate of SMART GLASS (Privacy Glass) turns into translucent. Which can protect the high-value properties from the criminals. Also the SMART GLASS (Privacy Glass) is laminated with advanced EVA INTERLAYER FILM, when the glass is broken,the EVA INTERLAYER FILM will stick the broken glass pieces, avoiding the broken glass hurting people or properties.
-Imply the SMART GLASS (Privacy Glass) in hospital. The SMART GLASS (Privacy Glass) can be used to replace curtains, which is safe and solid and can be view insulation.
-Imply the SMART GLASS (Privacy Glass) in high-end hotel, cooperation building, bathroom. Which shows the humane optional and high classic artistic sense.

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