How to Recycle the Unsuccessful Laminated Glass with EVA FILM

By Peter Shin

Yesterday one of our customers comes to visit our factory, and we had a great talk.

He asks me about how to recycle the unsuccessful laminated glass with EVA film. This is a great question. We are going to talk about it.

1. For the laminated glass with outdoor safety architectural super transparent EVA FILM, there are some bubbles inside the laminated glass. You can put the laminated glass into the autoclave to squeeze the bubbles out. But remember that there is no guarantee for successful all the time. But at least, you can try.

2. If you want to break away the EVA FILM from the glass which is already laminated but not successful.

How to degum the EVA FILM? You can use the Acetone and banana oil to degum the EVA FILM.

But let us reminds you that take a small test by yourself first.

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