for Protecting Laminated Glass Composites

Argotec Introduces EdgeSealPLUS for Protecting Laminated Glass Composites
Argotec, Inc., one of the world’s largest producers of thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) film and sheet, today announced the introduction ofEdgeSealPLUS, a new and improved version of its original product used to seal the edges of multilayered laminated glass composites.

The addition of a patent-pending foil layer between two sheets of TPU gives EdgeSealPLUS dramatically enhanced resistance to moisture, window cleaning solutions and the solvents contained in caulks and sealants.  These chemicals can penetrate into and degrade the layers within the composite.  The product also helps protect the edge of glass laminates from chipping and other minor damage, as well as creating an aesthetically pleasing appearance on the composite edge.

Argotec is a privately held, global supplier of custom-engineered, high-performance, polyurethane film and sheet for a wide variety of critical applications.

Further information about the company and its products may be obtained by calling (413)772-2564, faxing (413)772-2565,, or visiting the Argotec website: