Can you send me an offer for the following items :

– 25mm QTE: 01 cardboard
– 30mm QTE: 01 cardboard
– 40mm QTE: 10 roller
– Blades QTE: 02/ 11.1 –
02/ 4.1 –
02/3.1 –
– Heating Trimmer QTE 01 U CE Standard: AC 230V/50Hz

To read you.

Hi, Peter

Hope you are fine, I have some question on EVA lamination process and material; I am getting several rejected laminated glass caused by scratch and some clothes dust from the peel ply cover I use to cover the glass on the silicon bag.

I am wondering if you have any material we can use to cover the glass on the silicon bag and get glass free scratch and dust.

Thanks in advance for your help and assistance.


silicone membrane or sheet

Dear Mr. Lin,

can you offer us a silicone membrane or sheet (not a bag to put glass in) to put under and over glass in vacuum laminating furnace?

We use now 4mm thick membrane armed with some mesh.

Thank you!

Best regards

silicone laminating bags

Hi Peter

I am interested in silicone laminating bags.

We are going to build a new oven and will need 10 bags 2700 x 5800.

We would also like to try one of your bags in our existing oven to see how it goes before we buy the bigger bags.

The bag we would like to try is 2900 x 3800.

Can you offer a price and delivery time for:

10 bags 2700 x 5800 FOB and

1 bag 2900 x 3800 by airfreight to ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Can you also offer a price for Teflon mesh for protecting inside the bags.