Avoid Leaking of EVA Film inside Laminated Glass

Avoid Leaking of EVA Film inside Laminated Glass

The principle of making laminated glass is heating and vacuuming (pressing the glass to squeeze out the air).

And when heating ,the EVA Film melt into liquid and it’s melt index is higher than PVB Film. So when vacuuming (the glasses get the pressure), the EVA Film near the edges of the pre-laminated glass will leaking out.

And if the EVA Film is leaking out too much, the edges of the laminated glass may have bubbles around.

There are two ways to solve this problem:

(1) Use the tape to seal the pre-laminated glass, but make sure you make some small holes on the tape to help vacuuming.

(2) If you make small laminated glass, you can put some goods surrounding the pre laminated glass. The surrounding goods should be as high as the pre-laminated glass. Which can make sure that the pressure is even on the pre-laminated glass.


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