How do you process laminated glass with EVA film?

How do you process laminated glass with EVA film?

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1.Processing the Laminated Glass with EVA Film is different from the laminating with PVB Film.

Difference in Oven: Laminating with PVB Film you need autoclave; laminating with EVA Film you need a simple oven: one-step laminating oven which is simpler and easier to process, and less cost to install the laminating oven.

2. Install the ONE-Step of vacuum laminating Oven

Make sure the silicone vacuuming bag is great, and the heating is even inside the oven.

3. Combine the pre-laminated glass

Normal the combination is :GLASS+EVA FILM+GLASS
Cut the extra EVA Film,
Solid the pre-laminated glass with tape

4. Put the pre-laminated glass inside silicone vacuum bag

Seal the silicone vacuum bag.
Start vacuum pump, double check the vacuuming is working well, and the value of vacuum pump reaches the requirement.

5. Heating in two temperature stages

Normally, the heating will be set in two stage:
Low temperature stage: 60 degrees C for 15 minutes
High temperature stage:130 degrees C for 40 minutes

6. Do NOT stop vacuuming after the laminated glass is cool as room temperature

Don’t stop vacuuming until the laminated glass is cool to the room temperature, Or the bubbles will come out inside the laminated glass.

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