Laminated Glass with Vanceva

Laminated Glass with Vanceva The Vanceva® color studio provides architects and designers availability of over 3,000 transparent or translucent glass colors. The system is based on a foundational palette of 13 basic colors that can be combined in up to 4 layers to produce custom colored glass.The most magic thing is that each differernt color effection can be found through Pantone and RAL color list.
The North Sunny Glass Co., Ltd and Vanceva

“Providing the most professional design style for all costomers.”is the idea of our company.The same philosophy,the same originality. We come together.

Features of  Vanceva laminated Glass

1) Safety. If impacted by outside forces it shatters but never splinters protecting objects inside
2) Good sound insulation
3) UV-proof, Laminated glass insulates most UV while allowing visible light to enter, thereby protecting furniture, carpeting and indoor decorations from aging and Fading
4) Bullet proof. High intensity glass can be made by adding more PVBS and glass of different thickness
5) Except for transparent PVB and EVA, we offer milk white and other various colors to meet different tastes and needs.
6)PVB thickness: 0.38/0.76mm

Interior or Exterior Applications

♦ Walls
♦ Partitions
♦ Doors
♦ Tables
♦ Shelves
♦ Display cases
♦ Insulating Glass Units
♦ Hand Rails
♦ Balustrades
♦ Overhead Glazing
♦ Entranceways
♦ Entire Building Envelopes

Decorative Laminated Glass with EVA Film or PVB Film

Decorative Laminated Glass with EVA Film or PVB Film

It is a type of safety glass that holds together when shattered. In the event of breaking, it is held in place by an interlayer, typically of PVB and EVA, between its two or more layers of glass.

Product Description

Made by sandwiching transparent plastic films between two or more glass plates. Better anti-impact performance.

1) Safety. If impacted by outside forces it shatters but never splinters protecting objects inside Continue reading “Decorative Laminated Glass with EVA Film or PVB Film”

Laminated Glass with PVB or EVA Film

Laminated Glass with PVB or EVA Film Laminated glass is produced by bonding a durable palstic interlayerPVB (EVA) between two or more panes of glass under heat and pressure,Northglass Sunny Glass produces Architectural Laminated Glass in a full array of thickness and sizes. Laminated glass with safe, transparent, anti-riot, waterproof, anti-ultraviolet chracteristics. varietes in color.


2.Size:order canbe customized
4.Edge works: polished

packaging: wooden crating

Safety: Continue reading “Laminated Glass with PVB or EVA Film”

Laminated Glass with SGP Film

Laminated Glass with SGP Film

DuPont™ SentryGlas® Plus (SGP) interlayers help create safety glass that protects against bigger storms, larger impacts and more powerful blasts. They become an engineered component within the glass, holding more weight, so the glass can serve as a more active structural element in the building envelope. And they do all this while increasing framing system design freedom and improving long-term weather resistance.SGP laminated glass is a kind of strength greater laminated glass, stronger than conventional laminated materials , it is also called structural laminated glass.
SGP interlayers:
SentryGlas plus with high penetrability safety  is the latest product of Dupont laminated glass, it makes the invention of laminated glass beyond the existing technical performance. Continue reading “Laminated Glass with SGP Film”

Laminated Glass with PVB Film

Laminated Glass with PVB Film
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Laminated glass is processed with special technology under high temperature and high pressure by adding one or more layers of Polyvinyl Butyral (PVB) with tough and strong binding between or among two or more glass layers. For the great binding performance, laminated glass could stop external force attack and the chips will be bind with PVB after breakage to avoid making harm to person. And even the glass could still resist attack from wind and rain in breakage status.
PVB Film Description:
PVB film is  a macromolecule material molded by polyvinyl butyral resin that is plastificated and extruded by plasticity DHA.PVB film, with the excellent light transparent performance, heat resisting and cold-resisting, elasticity, is well-sticking to inorganic glass and becoming the best gluey material in the world of making laminated safety glass at present.
PVB film is the semitransparent membrane,with no impurity,flexibility and smooth surface.Though there is certain roughness,it has well intensity of stretch proofing and extension at break. Continue reading “Laminated Glass with PVB Film”