EVA Film for Laminated Glass Made in China

China New Concept Glass Materials Co., Ltd. (www.cncglass.com cnc@cncglass.com ) is focusing on the research and development (R&D) and producing EVA FILM interlayer for Laminated Glass. CNC GLASS has built a great technical team to study modifying the property of EVA FILM. High quality is the most important core of our competence. To reach that goal, we launched the most advanced producing line and dustless workshops. Our final goal is to be the provider of NEW CONCEPT of EVA FILM for Laminated Glass to create a NEW CONCEPT living environment for our customers.

【CNC-SC Super-Clear(EVA)FILM】 for Outdoor Architectural Safety Laminated Glass

Product Description Code Thickness*Width* Length



For Outdoor Architectural Safety Laminated Glass

CNC-76SC 0.76mm*2250mm*50M
CNC-38SC 0.38mm*2250mm*100M


★Great Light Transmission, ≧91.3%

★Almost Totally UV Blocked, ≧96.7%

★Long Weather Resistance, ≧16 years

★Great Tensile Strength, ≧13 Mpa

★Good Adhesive Strength, ≧2Kg/cm

★Qualified Impact Resistance

★Qualified Moisture Resistance


CNC-SC (EVA)FILM can be used to make Safety Laminated Glass for Magnificent Building Windows, Bank Counter Window, Automotive Glass, Bullet-Proof Glass etc.

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