EVA FILM Category(1)

EVA FILM Category (1)

Today I would like to talk about the categories of EVA FILM.

Based on the UV Blocked rate, the EVA FILM can divided into :

Indoor EVA FILM and Outdoor EVA FILM.

Indoor EVA FILM, of course, the UV blocked rate is lower than 30%. So they can only be used inside building.

But how is it going to happen, if I put the indoor EVA FILM laminated glass in outdoor using?

That is a great question. And the answer is that the indoor EVA FILM laminated glass will turn yellow in short period, maybe two years, and bubbles will come out inside the laminated glass, and the EVA FILM will break away from the glass.

For outdoor EVA FILM, the most advanced EVA FILM can absorb 99% of the UV radiation.

But at least the UV radiation should be absorbed more than 85% percent that the EVA FILM can be used for outdoor.

It’s logical that more UV radiation absorbed by EVA FILM, more years the laminated glass with EVA FILM will survive.

Yes, it’s not necessary to say but I want to mention that you can use the outdoor EVA FILM for indoor.

Based on the transparence, the EVA FILM can divide into:

Ordinary transparent and super transparent.

Ordinary transparent, of course, means the transparence is good but less than super transparent. Most ordinary transparent EVA FILM is used in laminating with fabric and papers.

And generally speaking, the ordinary transparent EVA FILM are INDOOR EVA FILM. And super transparent EVA FILMs are outdoor EVA FILM.

But some people also used super transparent EVA FILM to laminate with fabric and papers.

But because some people need the super transparence but not the UV blocked rate, some EVA FILM manufacturer make the INDOOR super transparent EVA FILM.

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China’s EVA FILM compared to Japan’s EVA FILM

China’s EVA FILM compared to Japan’s EVA FILM
Yes, EVA FILM was first implied in Japan, like Bridgestone. At that time,  no other countries had used EVA FILM to laminate glass(Maybe i am wrong, welcome to correct me). Yes EVA  has been used in others fields, like slipper and   insider of cloth etc.
Not many years later, EVA FILM was introduced to China. but the quality is not very good.
The EVA FILM is only used in decorative glass. Which mens the safety of EVA FILM is not trusted.
But now in China, the EVA FILM after modified by lots of times, are in good quality.
And some European customers change the suppliers of EVA FILM to China suppliers, because EVA FILM in China is inexpensive but at the some quality of EVA FILM in Japan.
As we have compared EVA FILM in China and Japan.
The visible light transmission and ultraviolet light blocked rate are as good as EVA FILM in Japan.

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Hi everybody, i am peter shin from China. I have been in EVA FILM industry for decades. As many glass related workers still not believe in EVA FILM, they don’t  believe that EVA FILM can replace PVB FILM in many fields.
In the same time, EVA FILM has  many advantages than PVB FILM.
So i think it’s my job to spread EVA FILM knowledge to more people.
Welcome to join our group in yahoo.com, even though you are not in PVB industry. Only if you are in glass industry, please join in us and discuss with us .
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Common problems of EVA FILM

Common problems of EVA FILM

Maybe you have already faced the following problems of EVA FILM,

-Gluing of EVA,

– Mosquitoes

– Black spots

– Holes on EVA FILM

-for colorful EVA FILM, the color is not even.

– Knocked marks

– Yellowing of EVA and etc. …

Gluing of EVA

Which means the two layer of EVA FILM stick together, three reasons can cause it:

(1)     The EVA FILM is ultra-transparent film; they are easy to show adhesives. In this situation, put membranes between the two layers of EVA FILM. Continue reading “Common problems of EVA FILM”

Bubbles Solution for Laminated Class with EVA Film

Bubbles Solution for Laminated Class  with EVA Film

When some customers processing laminated glass with EVA FILM,  bubbles appear inside the glass is the big problem they have to face.

People always think is this way:

1. the EVA Film you sent to us last time, don’t have bubbles problem, why this time the bubbles is coming out, that’s definitely the reason of the quality of your EVA Film.

2. Some customers face this situation. Maybe they don’t use EVA Film very much, so they don’t finish the one roll of EVA FILM in a short period. They used two thirds of the roll of EVA film, and after several weeks, they go back to use the left part of the roll. But this time the bubbles coming out, they are very confused. How come the same roll has different quality?

3. Some customer may just change the new EVA FILM supplier and the bubbles comes out. Even their new supplyer tell them it’s all about the processing , they would not believe him, they would think it’s of course the problem of the quality of your EVA film, because my older supplier don’t have this bubbles problem.

Many Laminated glass producer have misconception of the reasons of the bubbles problems. Here is  the real why:

1. First situation:  the temperature is too high, maybe more than 180 degree, which will cause the compound to break down and create gas. In this way, it’s just reducing your temperature, and everything would just be fine.

2. Second situation: the temperature in the oven is not average, which means some part of the glass, is hotter than others. So some part of the EVA film will melt and finish the crosslink reaction while other parts of EVA Film is still no t melted, which will interrupt the vacuuming and cause the bubbles. For this situation, we suggest you use the wind blowing heating machine.

3. Third situation: the Vacuum machine is old or the vacuum ability is not good enough. If the vacuum machine is old, renew it. If the vacuum ability is not powerful enough try to buy a new one.

4. Four situation: the air moisture is high. Much moisture in the air in your place is changed, which will easily cause the EVA film wet when it expose in the air. Moisture in the EVA FILM would cause the bubbles. Although the EVA FILM is less sensitive to moisture compared with PVB FILM. But if the moisture is too high, the bubbles will also come out.

Some customer open the packaged of one roll, and don’t use it up at one time. And the left part of the EVA film will absorb the moisture in the air and cause the bubbles.

5. Five Situation: Different EVA FILM supplier has different formula for EVA FILM, so if you change the EVA FILM supplier, you need to adjusting the processing parameters according to the supplier’s EVA FILM property.

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